Why Social Networking is crucial For Mother Entrepreneur Companies – Part 1

Individuals individuals who’ve spent whenever around me, or on the telephone beside me, or studying my blog often hear me obtain a little preachy with regards to Social Networking and it is marketing abilities. Especially now, once the economy is giving us “the present” more time for you to plan, organize and market our companies, I would like to obtain some good exposure for that effort that you simply do. Free Of Charge!

When I pointed out above, I have been busy. Yahoo! Actually, I am happy to have recently received another invitation to become interviewed with a talk show hostess today.

How did all of this happen?

I did not cold call anybody. I did not remove a sizable print ad from our magazines and newspapers. I did not purchase specialized Search engine optimization in my websites. I did not purchase a booth in a networking event. I did not distribute an announcement to anybody. Actually, I did not purchase anything and that i was most likely putting on my pajamas within the convenience of my very own home when my marketing was employed by me. And instead of “pushing” my marketing message out around the world, I am “attracting” a crowd who’s thinking about things i do.

So what exactly is Social Networking? The simplest way that i can consider it’s to check it to some Chamber of Commerce or a small company networking group (like BNI). Many of us entrepreneurs realize that marketing is essential, but we rarely decide to allocate large servings of our budget into it. Rather, we frequently pick the “free” marketing route of appearing at various business networking occasions, presenting ourselves with other small company proprietors, exchanging business card printing, and providing and requesting referrals.

Used to do this for that first 2 or 3 many years of my company. However, after i moved over the border to Windsor, coupled with no babysitters of these morning Chamber/BNI conferences, I began seeing simply how much these “free marketing” possibilities were costing me over time and headaches. Like a mother of three kids aged six and under, attending an every week 7am coffee in the local chapter of BNI simply does not work. So exactly how should we mother business proprietors effectively network, give and obtain referrals, as well as in general obtain the world “buzzing” about our companies?

Enter Social Networking! You may even often hear another terms connected by using it, like Social Media, Network Marketing, Viral Marketing, etc.

Here’s the thin:

Social Networking is really a fast, professional, simple and easy , efficient way to promote your company. As well as in my very own humble opinion, it beats while using conventional methods (print ads, radio ads, tv ads, booths at tradeshows, etc.) as it is 1) free and a pair of) on your side when you are not really awake!

A few examples of Social Networking I am using are LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter and my WordPress.com blog. You will find numerous others available, but I am going to pay attention to those I personally use. All these sites enables me to setup a free account free of charge. I produce a profile of my company (including readOrcv sometimes, or my background interests, or my expertise on the certain subject), upload an expert photo of myself, and can include links to any or all my other sites (websites, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter and facebook accounts).

Many of these media let me build my online network by looking into making connections (LinkedIn), inviting more buddies (Facebook), growing my supporters and also the people I follow (twitter), and offering an RSS/subscription service (blogs). Just like you’d construct your professional network via card exchanges, referrals, attending networking occasions, etc., you construct your community of individuals you are looking at and who are curious about you. Unlike traditional networking and marketing, it’s not necessary to employ a babysitter, dry clean your suit, and spend some time commuting back and forth from your office or home. Actually, I actually do the majority of my social media just 2 or 3 minutes at any given time with a minumum of one child on my small lap.