Reasons Why You Should Try Custom Leather Holsters : Azula Cross Draw Carry Molded Leather Holster for The Glock  26, 27, 33 Pistol - TAN RH : Sports & OutdoorsLeather vs Kydex holsters

Whether to use a custom leather holster or not is entirely the choice of the user. Leather and Kydex are high-quality materials. Both materials are useful in their own ways. You can choose among them according to the purpose and comfort level offered by the material. Leather holsters are popular since the time of the introduction of handguns. Custom leather holsters are popular because of the comfort and unique design it offers. 

When considering holster materials, leather is the most popular material. Durability or comfort, leather is the best choice among other materials that are used for making the holsters. 

The leather holster is a soft product that can be used comfortably without any problems. Leather holsters are one of the most durable materials in the holster world. Even after decades, leather holsters will still look good. That is why most people prefer to use a leather holster for their handguns. 

Custom leather holsters allow you to have a unique look for your holster. When compared with Kydex, leather is a material that can be moulded into any shape and size. They are also available in various colours. Leather holsters have many options in terms of size, shape, design, and color, whereas Kydex holsters do not have many options. 

Leather holsters are very light in weight. They protect the gun, and most importantly the trigger of the gun. That is why most people prefer to use leather holsters. They also provide good concealment for the handgun. Leather holsters offer good retention. 

Most leather holsters are used as belt holsters. The friction between the belt and the holster gives good retention to the handgun. One of the advantages of having a leather holster is that it can be used for various models of handguns with similar sizes and shapes. 

It means that if you are someone who carries different handguns in rotation, you can use the same holster for the guns. If you are using a Kydex holster, you have to keep changing your holster with each of your guns. Nowadays, leather holsters can be bought directly from the craftsman.  There are various websites available on the internet where you can find direct contact with the craftsman. It allows you to get leather holsters at an affordable price. Retention straps are available for the leather holsters. It is considered one of the advantages of using leather holsters when compared to Kydex holsters. 

When leather is considered the oldest material in making holsters, Kydex is a new material in the holster world. Kydex is a rigid material that was initially used for making aircraft interiors. The material is first heated and then moulded into the shape of the handgun to get a perfect fit. 

It is then cooled and becomes rigid. But because of this rigidity, the comfort offered by the material is less. That is why people choose custom leather holsters where they can design their own holsters according to their own needs. When compared with the wear and tear of the material, leather lasts longer than Kydex.